My biggest inspirations, mostly listed here to make myself seem inordinately cool and well-cultured, include:

  • my ever-pestered family and friends
  • my jaunts down wikipedia rabbitholes and all kinds of obscura
  • musicians like: The Cure, Lil B, Bjork, Dean Blunt, Songs: Ohia, Les Rallizes Denudes, Three Six Mafia, and Elliott Smith
  • the many interesting textures i find around my house and neighbourhood
  • 1871's The Jabberwocky, William Carlos Williams/Walt Whitman anthologies
  • a love of the history of people and their politics 
  • other literary works such as The Illustrated Man, Yeats' Irish Fairy and Folk Tales, Titus Groan, Memory Sorrow and Thorn, anything Vonnegut, and A Confederacy of Dunces
  • the jittering fidget of my uninhibited hand as possessed by an outside whim
  • the movies of Greenaway, Maddin, Varda, Bogdanovich, Daneliya, Aleksey German, Wenders, Kusturica, Ryazanov, and Zakharov (im a soviet movie nerd)
  • the animated show Chowder
  • the creative conditioning of a red-eye flight with only a pen and paper
  • Disco Elysium and Minecraft