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Vlach Vanquishes Vampire Poster

Vlach Vanquishes Vampire Poster

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This is a poster, and a weird one at that. Print is a multi-media scene depicting a dashing sort standing victoriously over a vampiric visage which has merged with the mountains.

>>*WARNING* below is a long-winded spew of nonsense that you don't have to read. I make up nonsense lore for most of my posters that I don't usually include. This time I just decided to put one in and it's a doozy. Sorry.



The text alongside him describes the scene, albeit in Middle English. Our protagonist is an epitomized Vlach (an indigenous person of Romania/Moldova), from beyond the forests (literally trans-sylvan, of Transylvania, notably the home of vampires), and wrapped in a cloak made of the land itself (a map of Moldova). However, he is also a simple shepherd, a representative of his people. He has, looking within, cast off his lineage of nomadism and raiding. This was a harsh conflict, but, as depicted via his standing over the Hun/vampire, he has triumphed. This was a battle of subconscious, of his throwing off the worst part of himself (the ynnere feend), his vampire, and pursuing a truer fulfillment, a soft life, settling in his land for good. His success is a catalyst, a beckoning call for all others from the west and east bounds of his people and ancestors to follow his example and throw off their own vampires. Work inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula (ofc), a lovely Wikipedia rabbithole, the film What We Do in the Shadows, Nietzsche, Rider-Waite Tarot cards, and the burglar poster from 1985 film After Hours.

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