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Overground Poster

Overground Poster

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A simple and loud nonsense-poster. Features a sketch-and-pic character hovering in front of an overground train. I've taken nearly every kind of public transit there is: trains (over-land, steam-powered, monorail, high-speed, and underground), ferries, planes (do they count?), buses (school, single, greyhound, and double), trams (old touristy ones and modern), etc, etc. The only kind I can think of that I haven't taken is that Wuppertal hanging train from Alice in the Cities. That one's a goal of mine. But anyway, sorry to rant, there's really not much meaning to this one, just a few fun elements coming together to make a fun collage. Inspired by how I feel I look to other people on the train, Bottle Top Bill (not Corky), and Francisco Goya's mania art. 

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