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Wolfman T-Shirt

Wolfman T-Shirt

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This is a unisex heavy cotton t-shirt. The design is taken from one of my posters ;) One of my best for certain. Print is a combination of a hand-drawn sketch and a rambling "poem," both by me. The sketch is a confused and injured wolfman holding unusual utensils. The poem is an intentionally scraggling ramble I wrote a long time ago and felt incorporated well. I was trying to use the inanity to suggest a self lobotomy I'd say. Inspired by 1988 film Heart of a Dog, 2006 film Hard to be a God, the Sex Pistols (posters not music), old horror films, the 'Fear is the Mindkiller' poem from Dune, and the feeling of being on a flight long enough that you enter a space beyond a concrete feeling of time.


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